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"The unfolding of Your words gives light." Psalm 119:130

Richard Blaine Robison, M.A., M.R.E.

Welcome to all who love the Word of God!!

The study of Scripture, the Holy Bible, has been a passion since my youth. This website represents the fruit of that labor of love. The serious Bible student will find many detailed commentaries and topical articles on Bible subjects. The purpose of my website is to exalt the God of Israel and edify His people by:

● Encouraging a greater appreciation of and devotion to Bible study.

● Espousing a straight-forward or “strict construction” view of Scripture.

● Emphasizing the Jewish character of the New Testament and its central figure.

● Explaining the meaning of Scripture in its original cultural (Hebraic/Jewish) context.

● Educating with practical application of Scripture to the needs of life.

Special Terms: In order to emphasize the Hebraic-Jewish nature of the Bible I use the terms Tanakh (Old Testament), Besekh (New Testament), Torah (Law), Yeshua (Jesus), and Messiah (Christ), in articles and commentaries.

The directory below lists various topical sections. Feel free to browse and check back often for new articles. Website materials may be downloaded "free of charge" and used in accordance with the copyright and terms of use notice below.

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(Old Testament)

Commentary and articles on the Hebrew Scriptures.

(New Testament)

Commentary and articles on the Apostolic Scriptures.


Resources for children/youth ministry, conflict & risk management, and pastoral care.


Essays with an analysis of various biblical and contemporary issues.


Topical articles related to interpreting and applying the principles of God's Word to life.


Articles offering guidance for marriage relationships, parenting and marital crisis.


Resources for exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity and the doctrine of Israelology.


Articles and Bible commentary on the last days and return of Yeshua with a posttribulation viewpoint.


An alphabetical listing of website articles by subject.


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