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 Richard Blaine Robison, M.A., M.R.E.

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Critical Concerns

“But what does the Scripture say?” (Galatians 4:30 NASB)

Critical concerns focus on important contemporary issues with major theological, societal or personal implications. With a strong commitment to the authority of Scripture for deciding every matter of importance to our lives, the author seeks to apply a thorough biblical analysis.

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I Am a Biblical Zionist

Abstract: This article expresses my support for the State of Israel and its right to exercise sovereignty over all the land it controls based on the fact of God's eternal covenant with Israel. (3 pp.)

Clergy Should Stop Solemnizing Marriages

Abstract: This editorial advises members of the clergy to cease "solemnizing" marriages to minimize the risk of liability for refusing to conduct "gay" weddings. (3 pp.)

The Passion of the Christ

Abstract: Mel Gibson's 2004 movie The Passion of the Christ is an incredible achievement in filmmaking, but became controversial among Jews, Christians and Messianic Jews. Here is my take on the film. (3 pp.)

Topical Articles

Biblical Basis for the Death Penalty

Abstract: From the beginning God expected that justice be done for victims of violence, and in the pursuit of justice that murderers forfeit their own lives for their heinous crimes. (3 pp.)

Biblical Justice

Abstract: The courts of America are clogged with litigants seeking “justice” for their claims against their fellow citizens. But what is justice, and what standards should be used to help one determine a just resolution or settlement of a dispute? The author explores the values, principles of due process and standards for just decisions revealed in Scripture. (3 pp.)

Does Cremation Conflict with the Bible?

Abstract:  This article addresses an important issue related to future planning for one's own death or making decisions when a loved one has died. Cremation has always been controversial. The issue is an emotional one for many people and the choice of how to care for a dead body is often guided by either religious scruples or cost. (5 pp.)

Duty, Honor, Country

Abstract: The values of the West Point honor code illustrate the principal values that should guide a disciple's life. (5 pp. PDF)

Topical Articles (cont.)

Is the Apostles' Creed Apostolic?

Abstract: Long used in Church liturgy the Apostles' Creed ranks as a favorite creed of Christians. The Creed presumes to represent the teaching of the original apostles, but while the affirmations are generally factual, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith are completely absent. (13 pp.)

A Hebrew Faith

Abstract: From the beginning of the world there were noted men of God, such as Abel, Enoch, Noah and Job, who led exemplary lives and spoke for God, but one man is distinguished in Scripture as the father of the people of God and that man was a Hebrew (Gen 14:13). This article explores the nature of that faith, what happened to it in Church history and what should be done to restore the true faith of the Jewish apostles. (5 pp.)

The Error of Pacifism

Abstract: Since the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 national leadership has engaged in a war against Islamic jihadists. Many Christians have engaged in a debate that hasn’t occurred since the Viet Nam War, some taking the pacifist position because of believing that Yeshua’s command to love one’s enemies cannot be reconciled with killing one’s enemies. This monograph provides a biblical point of view on the legitimacy of military service and the rationale for waging war. (8 pp.)

The Land is Not Palestine

Abstract: A gross error frequently occurring among Christian leaders and in Christian publications is calling or labeling the Land given by divine covenant to Jacob and his posterity as “Palestine.” (3 pp.)

The Lie of Replacement Theology

Abstract: For centuries Christianity has taught that God rejected Israel, reneged on His covenantal promises and replaced the nation with the Church. The Bible says that God DID NOT reject Israel. Who do you believe? (4 pp.)


Abstract: Polygamy has “come out of the closet” and many people are discussing this cultural phenomenon for the first time. What are the origins and rationale for polygamy? Is polygamy an abominable evil or a biblically sanctioned practice? (14 pp.)

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