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The roots of the Christian faith grew from Jewish soil. Unfortunately, Christianity chose to separate from its Jewish heritage centuries ago with catastrophic results. The information provided below is intended to aid Christian education in understanding the biblical doctrine of Israelology.

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My Journey into Jewish Roots

Abstract: This article summarizes my spiritual journey that eventually led me to explore the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

I Am a Biblical Zionist

Abstract: This article expresses my support for the State of Israel and its right to exercise sovereignty over all the land it controls based on the fact of God's eternal covenant with Israel. (3 pp.)

History of Jewish Faith

History of Jewish Christianity.

Abstract: This book by Hugh Schonfield (1901-1988) chronicles the beginning of the Messianic movement in the first century among the Jewish people and the tension between Jewish believers, Judaism and the increasing Gentile Christian religion in the following centuries. (PDF, 176 pp.)

A Historical Survey of 52 Prominent Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua

Abstract: This resource lists the historical profiles of prominent Jews who became devoted followers of Yeshua, from 1506 to 2001. (The Association of Messianic Congregations.)

Daniel Juster, Anti-Messianic Judaism, A Brief Summary. (16 pp., PDF)

Isaac Lichenstein (18241909), An Appeal to the Jewish People.

Ministries in Israel

These ministries and organizations located in Israel serve the poor and needy, especially among Jewish believers, as well as sharing the good news of the Messiah. Check their websites for current activities.

HaTikvah Project (The Hope Project), Jerusalem, supporting needy Messianic believers.

Hope4Israel, Jerusalem, feeding the poor and providing financial assistance for rebuilding homes.

Love For Israel Relief Fund, Jerusalem, serving needy children in the Land.

Shevet Achim, Jerusalem, providing medical treatment of Palestinian children in Israel's hospitals,

Tents of Mercy, Kiryat Yam (near Haifa), operating humanitarian aid centers in northern Israel.


The doctrine of Israelology is a biblical teaching much neglected in Christian theology. Israelology affirms that God has not rejected His covenant people as taught in historic Christianity, but in fact will honor His covenantal promises and save the Jewish people.

The Lie of Replacement Theology

Abstract: For centuries many Christians have believed that God rejected Israel, reneged on His covenantal promises and replaced the nation with the Church. Yet, the Bible says that God DID NOT reject Israel. (4 pp.)

The Everlasting Covenants

Abstract: A survey of the covenants God made with individuals (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Aaron and David) and the nation of Israel, the latter of which is included in the New Covenant and remains in force. (7 pp.)

The First Christians

Abstract: The name "Christian" was coined about A.D. 40 in Antioch (Acts 11:26). This article explores the Jewish context for the origin of the name and offers some analysis as to what it means to be Christian. (6 pp.)

Commentary on Romans 9

Commentary on Romans 10

Commentary on Romans 11

Commentary on Hebrews 8

Commentary on Hebrews 9


The Messianic Seal

Abstract: An increasingly popular symbol among Evangelical Christians is the Messianic Seal, also known as the grafted-in symbol. Yet, those who display the symbol may not realize its early use by disciples in the Jerusalem congregation. (2 pp.)

The Five Jewish Laws

This is a graphic presentation of the good news about having a spiritual relationship with God especially designed for Jewish persons.

Recommended books on Jewish Roots.



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