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Following are topical articles on a variety of subjects related to interpreting and applying the principles of God's Word to life.


Principles for Convictions

Abstract: Many disciples of Yeshua disagree over matters not specifically discussed in Scripture. How is one to decide what is right and wrong? Scripture provides many wisdom principles to make such decisions. (2 pp.)

The Will of God

Abstract:  Does God really have a plan for my life? If so, how can I discover His will? This article critiques the traditional view and offers a fresh perspective on knowing and living by the will of God. (10 pp.)

Hot Topics

Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Abstract:  A balanced view of this subject by placing Yeshua's controversial words in the total biblical context of God's grace and punishment of sin. (4 pp.)

The Call of Discipleship

Abstract: Yeshua gave his apostles the mission of making disciples (Matt 28:18-20). While the labels "Christian" and "disciple" were synonymous at first (Acts 11:26), they are no longer. Yeshua's command to make disciples implies much more than making more believers. Becoming a disciple requires, commitment, obedience and sacrifice. (12 pp.)

Divine Healing

Abstract:  A review of the biblical justification to pray confidently for healing with discussion of why some are not healed. (5 pp.)

The First Christians

Abstract: The name "Christian" was coined about A.D. 40 in Antioch (Acts 11:26). This article explores the Jewish context for the origin of the name and offers some analysis as to what it means to be Christian. (6 pp.)

The Siren Call of Self-Love

Abstract:  A biblical analysis of a popular interpretation of the second greatest commandment. (2 pp.)

Speaking in Tongues

Abstract:  A biblical analysis of the one of the most controversial subjects in the Body of Messiah. (5 pp.)

What is Sin?

Abstract: This article reviews the biblical data and demonstrates the direct connection with breaking the commandments of God. (6 pp.)

Sins that Separate

Abstract: This article lists the sins identified in the Bible. The persistent practice of these prohibited behaviors without repentance would invoke the judgment of God. (5 pp.)



Abstract: The Amidah ("Standing"), also known as Shemoneh Esrei ("Eighteen Benedictions") dates back to the 5th century B.C. Originally there was no prescribed text for each section. The content of the prayer was developed after the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70. The prayer has been edited for followers of Yeshua. Feel free to add you own words in each of the sections of this prayer.

Christian version Messianic Jewish version Disciple's Version


Abstract: An analysis of the practice of fasting in the Bible and its place in a disciple's life, along with practical guidance. (9 pp.)

Principles of Effective Prayer

Abstract: This PowerPoint presentation provides instruction in the basic principles of prayer as a spiritual discipline. (PDF, 60 slides)

Sample Prayers

Abstract: This article provides examples of a holiness prayer, a vision Prayer, a prayer for salvation and a prayer for healing. These prayers are both models of how to pray as well as actual prayers that can be used for personal intercession.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Abstract: Every disciple of Yeshua is commanded to pray persistently to be victorious. Spiritual warfare prayers apply the truths of Scripture to strengthen the believer. When prayed in faith a person may draw closer to Yeshua and increase resistance to temptation. Here are two samples:
Christian Version Messianic Version

Victory in Spiritual Warfare

Abstract: This is a practical guide that explains the nature and levels of spiritual warfare and how to gain spiritual victory over temptation, occult oppression and demon possession. (5 pp.)


Overcoming Resentment

Abstract: The Lord requires His disciples to forgive one another in order to receive His forgiveness. This monograph provides 15 practical and biblical steps to get rid of anger, bitterness and hatred. (3 pp.)

Peacemaking Readiness Guide

Abstract: This is a practical guide to prepare for peacemaking and/or reconciliation. The guide is to be completed by individuals involved in any kind of serious conflict or dispute situation. Once completed it should be reviewed by a trusted mature believer or counselor.  (4 pp. PDF)

Reconciling a Broken Relationship

Abstract:  Yeshua provided clear and simple steps for reconciliation in Matthew 18:15.  This monograph offers a practical explanation of these steps. (3 pp.)

General Resources

Godly Women and Their Struggles

Abstract: An outline for a 13-session group study of leading women in the Bible. Designed to be used with a women's small group.

In His Steps

Abstract: An outline for a 13-session group study of the classic book In His Steps with comparison reflection on parallel New Testament passages. The question "What would Jesus do?" is still as relevant today as when Charles Sheldon wrote the book.

Recommended Books

Click on this link for my recommended list of books that help you better understand Scripture and provide guidance on marriage, pastoral care and counseling, and prayer.


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