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End Times

(Eschatology: the study of last things)

Commentary on Daniel


Chapter  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12


Olivet Discourse

Matthew 24 | Matthew 25 | Mark 13

Abstract:  These commentaries cover Yeshua's teaching on the end times.




Introduction to Revelation: A PowerPoint slide presentation. This overview covers the basics such as author, date, purpose and overall message. The presentation also explains the book's Hebraic character and the repetitive use of the number seven. Some of the key mysteries in Revelation (the Rapture, the Beast, Babylon, the Resurrection, etc.) are also treated. (58 slides)


The Coming Anti-Messiah

Abstract: The end-time tyrant is a powerful figure who wields totalitarian rule on a global scale. What do we know about him? (12 pp.)

The Day of the Lord

Abstract: This article summarizes biblical prophecies that relate to the climactic event of earth's history. (2 pp.)

The Great Tribulation

Abstract:  Yeshua forewarned a great tribulation. Will His disciples endure the tribulation? How long does it last? (2 pp.)

The Invasion of Israel

Abstract:  A war is coming to the Middle East and the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 & 39 give us a definitive overview. (2 pp.)

The Millennium

Abstract: This article explains the three basic approaches to the subject of the thousand years mentioned in Revelation 20. (5 pp.)

The Mystery of the Resurrection

Abstract:  The good news of Yeshua rests on the certainty of His resurrection and the hope of our own. But, what actually happens in the resurrection? This monograph offers an alternative to the traditional view. (6 pp.)

Prophecies of the Last Days

Abstract: This article lists and discusses the prophecies that must come to pass before Yeshua returns. (11 pp.)

The Rapture

Abstract: A popular belief about the Second Coming is that Yeshua will secretly take his disciples to heaven before the appearance of the Anti-Messiah. This article explores the evidence of the relevant biblical passages to demonstrate the weaknesses of the secret rapture position. (19 pp.)

Rebuild the Temple?

Abstract: This article examines the  prophecy of the abomination of desolation and the expectation that a temple for Jewish worship will be built in Jerusalem. (2 pp.)

Spirit of Anti-Messiah

Abstract: This article examines the cryptic saying of John about the spirit of Antichrist. What does this expression mean and how is it manifested. (10 pp.)

Why I'm a Posttribulationist

Abstract: This article reflects back to the beginning of my change in perspective on the Second Coming and the logical arguments I found persuasive. This article does contain some of the material in The Rapture article, but arranged in a topical format. (8 pp.)

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